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Óscar Mateo Pardo-Rodríguez, Humberto Carlo Parra-Bonilla • Bogotá, D.C. (Colombia)

Dr. Oscar Mateo Pardo-Rodríguez: Médico Cirujano Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Médico Hospitalario Servicio de Cirugía General E.S.E. Hospital Universitario La Samaritana; Dr. Humberto Carlo Parra-Bonilla. Médico Internista Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. Médico Internista E.S.E. Hospital Universitaio La Samaritana Bogotá. Especialista en Epidemiología Colegio Mayor de Nuestra Señora del Rosario. Bogotá D.C. (Colombia).

Correspondence: Dr. Oscar Mateo Pardo-Rodríguez. Bogotá, D.C. (Colombia). E-mail:

Received: 15/VII/2019 Accepted: 11/II/2020


A 69-year-old male with high blood pressure, 50% LVEF heart failure, oxygen-dependent chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, a heavy smoking history and treated pulmonary tuberculosis was admitted to the emergency room due to mMRC 4/4 dyspnea, productive cough with yellow sputum, non-quantified fever, and diminished breath sounds. A chest x-ray showed left-sided diffuse heterogenous radiopacity and a high-resolution CT revealed left fibrothorax.

Fibrothorax is defined as the sequela of intense pleural inflammation, causing thickening and fibrosis (1, 2). Transforming growth factor-beta (TGF-|3) plays the most important role (3). It occurs most often as a complication of empyema and hemothorax, but also in pulmonary tuberculosis, connective tissue diseases, uremia, paragonimiasis, radiation therapy, asbestosis and with medications such as ergot alkaloids (2-4). It is diagnosed by imaging. Treatment may be pharmacological, using systemic corticosteroids, or surgical with decortication (2, 5). It has been associated with lung cancer (6).


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